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International Trends and Services

This facet expands the global platform for programs designed and developed to serve the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African-American decent throughout the world.

Umbrella Program

Program contributions to our local and international communities include:

  • Participated in The Umbrella Program, “Education Across the Miles” Watford Hill Primary School - Hopewell, Hanover Parish, Jamaica by coordinating receipt, packing and shipping of items donated for their annual Flea Market and prepared the curriculum, “This is My Body” for instruction at Global Delegation to stimulate awareness about sexual abuse

  • Collaborated with Humanity Working to End Genocide by offering forums to heighten awareness about genocide and other global atrocities and financed tuition, uniforms and lunches for 13 elementary students for one year in Lamothe, Haiti and in South African, as well as financed the construction of five elementary schools

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